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The multi activity leisure park of LACANAU

Welcome to Les 3 Bandits, our nature park for children and adults!

In July and august, open every day from 10AM to 7:30PM

We are happy to introduce you our unique world in LACANAU, where you will be welcomed in a relaxed family atmosphere with all kinds of entertainment, where young and old can have fun and relax together.

You choose your activities, we offer many multi-activity packs with sliding scale rates.
If the guide does nothing, he/she pays nothing.

Our wide range of activities allows the little ones from 2 years old to have fun, but also to keep the adults busy with activities just for them.
Whether you're looking to have fun with family, friends or a group, you'll always find something to do in our park, with 11 activities, 8 of which are for adults too.

You are on vacation in BORDEAUX, LACANAU or in the surroundings? Are you looking for an activity?
Here is the best address that offers a wide range of activities according to your age and your budget, with a choice of one or more activities.

Our park is a great place to hold private events or group outings. We offer special packages for birthdays, bachelor parties, field trips, seminars, corporate events and more.

We look forward to welcoming you to our amusement park for an unforgettable day in LACANAU filled with fun and relaxation.

Contact us now to book your visit.

Our Activities

Pack child, teenager
No time limit!

Delirium pack
from 3 years old, 12 years old max

Unlimited pedal go-karts and inflatable games (soft mountains, course, slide ...) and trampolines.

Pack Laser game Indoor

from 4 years old

A 15 min game of indoor laser game, and unlimited access to inflatable games, trampolines and pedal go-karts.
Come and spend the day!
From 4 years old to 12 years old max


For each child's birthday, no time limit on our park, you can also picnic on site. The birthday packages are for children from 3 to 12 years old, minimum 4 children.

Birthday of the "LITTLE PEOPLE": pedal go-karts / inflatable games / trampolines in unlimited
Price: 10€/child. From 3 years old.

Price: 18 €/child
From 7 years old, (provided that the children manage to cock the gun..)
The price includes 100 balls/player, with a pump paintball gun, on an equipped field, including wetsuit and protections + unlimited access to the inflatable games/trampolines and pedal go-karts.

LASER GAME birthday party
Price: 18 €/child
From 4 years old
A total of 45 minutes of laser game! With 3 games of 15 minutes in the room and/or in the forest (depending on the age, the weather, and/or the choice of your child), and unlimited access to the inflatable games (for children over 12 years old, the inflatable games are replaced by sumos) / trampolines and pedal karts.

Birthday QUAD
RATE: 18€/child.
From 5 years old (up to 11 years old max, and 45kg max),
Two 12 minutes sessions of quad biking, unlimited access to the inflatable games / trampolines and pedal go-kart.

QUAD/LASER birthday party
RATE: 18€/child.
From 4 years old (until 11 years old max, and 45kg max)
1 session of 12 minutes of quad, and 1 game of indoor laser game, unlimited access to inflatable games / trampolines and pedal go-kart.
For birthdays, no time limit, you bring the snack; many tables and chairs are available. The children alternate between the inflatable games, pedal go-karts, and other activities.

For the happiness of all!

A turnkey day? Activities, relaxation, barbecue ... Everything is on site!

Multi activity pack for seminars, groups, bachelor party
For bachelor party the pack is FREE for the groom or bride!

Create your own pack: 2 activities -2€, 3 activities -3€ on the total...

- Paintball (200 balls) + your choice of 1 activity

- Paintball (200 balls) + your choice of 2 activities

- Outside of paintball: indoor laser game (1 game of 15min), laser game in the forest (1 game of 20mn), battle archery (45 min max), bubble soccer 45 min max, sumo wrestling (30 min max)

Example of the most successful packs for bachelor party:
Paintball/bubble soccer pack: 42€ (100 balls/pers)
Paintball/bubble soccer pack: 48€ (350 balls/pers)

Example of the most successful pack for the bachelor party:
1 game of indoor laser game, 1 game of laser game in the forest, sumo wrestling: 20€/pers

Surf/Paintball pack (2 hours of surfing with the surf school Guide Lacanau, and 250 paintballs/pers): 57 €.

Activities are available for free: darts, molky, petanque, ping pong, badminton, mini golf.
BBQ available
We have a bar with soft drinks, beer and wine.

Bachelor Party Paintball Prices

-Large calibre (ø68)
200 balls : 32€/pers
350 balls : 38€/pers
600 balls : 48€/pers

Bride and Groom 100 balls as a gift

-Small caliber (ø50) ideal for bachelor party
300 balls : 32€/pers

- For groups
10 players and more : 50 balls offered/pers
15 players and more : 100 balls offered/pers
30 players and more : contact us

Beers for sale on site
Rabbit costumes for sale 25 €, reservation required

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