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Useful information

The most frequent question: "Do we pay an entrance fee for the whole park?
Answer: "No, you choose your activities, but we offer many multi-activity packages with reduced rates.
If the accompanying person does nothing, he or she pays nothing!

In June open on wednesdays 2PM - 6PM, weekends and holidays 10H30 - 19H
We open on weekdays for groups by reservation
July and August 7 days a week

Between LACANAU city and LACANAU Ocean.
5 minutes from the Ocean and 2 minutes from the lake of LACANAU

Free parking, picnic area, bar

For the rainy days, reservation is compulsory for the indoor laser game.
The paintball can be played even when it rains.

Credit cards and vacation vouchers (ANCV) accepted

A little advice for EVGs when booking your accommodation: do not specify that it is a bachelor party, you risk doors being closed... and remember to book in advance, especially for the summer vacations.

50 min from Bordeaux

Reservation at 06 64 74 50 51 or by mail at

We welcome schoolchildren, extracurricular activities, camps, social centers, vacation centers, student groups and companies.

Out of school vacations, group reservations are also possible during the week.

Sumo Fighting

Become a sumotori!

Want to let off steam? Nothing better than a good sumo wrestling session!
Ideal for groups, birthdays, bachelor party...

Laughter guaranteed!

Activity for adults and teenagers from 1,50m
Price: 6€/pers,
The field is at your disposal for 45mn max

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