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Laser Game
Laser game indoor or forest: 2 concepts

Indoor Laser Game

350 m2 of playing space, latest generation laser guns, minimum 2, max 9 players at the same time. In teams or individually.

Adults and children from 4 years old.
Price: 7€/pers 15 minutes

Laser game in the forest

Go from virtual to real with a gun equipped with a shooting scope. Become a real sniper in the forest on a large field.
No projectiles, and above all no cheating! Shooting range up to 150 meters!

Latest technology guns. Sport, action and immersion!

Price: 10€/pers, 20 minutes

For the 7/12 years old, the Pack Laser game in forest at 20€/child with 1 game of laser game, and unlimited access to the inflatable games and trampolines.

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